Since 1982 Bill’s Bit Service has provided first class service to all of our customers. Times change and the needs of our customers have changed however our commitment to service hasn’t changed.

Bill Layhue, Sr. founded our company based on the principles of getting our customers what they need, when they need it, and with a quality product that gets the job done. Oil and Gas operations understand the importance of the time = money principle and doing business with our company translates to financial bottom line savings.

Each of Bill’s Bit Service’s employees operate with the same understanding and focus on following through with Bill Layhue Sr.’s commitment and pride in the industry that fuels our country and economy while getting things done safely and efficiently.

We specialize in assisting our customers with their vertical hole programs. We carry a complete inventory of large diameter air hammers, hammer bits, and tricones in stock. If you’re interested in refining your company’s bottom hole program, we have the latest in bottom hole air drilling technology in stock as well.

Our team is nimble and in position to provide our industry leading service with a phone call.

If you have questions or if you’d like more information on our products or services contact Bill Layhue at 412-582-0607 or billjr@billsbitservice.com